Tips for Choosing the Right Agent

Tips for Choosing the Right Agent

Having the right agent by your side will absolutely make your home buying experience smoother and more successful. 30A Local is locally owned and operated and no one knows the 30A market like our home team. We’ve compiled a few tips for finding the perfect agent for you:

Seek Out Referrals Ask around! Your family and friends are a great resource for recommending a realtor they successfully worked alongside. 

Do Your Homework Ideally, you should begin looking for an agent a couple months before from the time you want to start looking for a home. If you are considering using an agent, Google them. Check out agents’ websites and their social media accounts too. 

Prioritize Professionalism and Support Make sure your realtor offers a high level of customer service and support. The way they communicate before you begin working with them is a good indicator of their work style. 

Interview Potential Agents You’re looking for an agent with knowledge and expertise in your budget and specific needs. Interviews provide an opportunity to see how invested and available they are. 

Trust the Chemistry The energy and “vibe” you get from an agent is just as important as the knowledge they bring. A good personality fit is key to making your experience positive.

Remember your agent will ultimately serve as your “concierge” – helping you navigate the 30A real estate market and negotiating on your behalf. It is important you take the time to select the person best suited for you.

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