Grayton Beach Real Estate

Grayton Beach real estate offers visitors a chance to live life like a local. Grayton Beach is very unique because it is the only beach in Walton County you can drive your vehicle on, with the proper beach permit from the county, of course. This beach community on 30A truly is nestled, as it rests between famous shopping and the well-known Red Bar Restaurant, and Western Lake, a rare Coastal Dune Lake that can only be found in 4 locations around the world. 

Grayton Beach isn’t going to grow bigger any time soon because the beach community is butted-up against Grayton State Park. Home to 3 Coastal Dune Lakes and a variety of outdoor activities you’d surely enjoy while the Golf of Mexico. This makes Grayton Beach the perfect blend of visitors and locals alike. 

The Grayton Beach homes for sale offer buyers a range of comfortable and eye-catching home designs, from small quaint beach cottages to large modern-builds. Of course, nothing beats the Gulf front property for sale in Grayton Beach. When you visit Grayton Beach, whether for a weekend getaway or a longer trek, you will find some of the most sought-after real estate in Walton County. Peruse our Grayton Beach real estate for sale now to find a cozy spot in this 30A community that exemplifies your perfect getaway.

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