7 Fun Adventures To Go On in Seagrove Beach This Summer

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7 Fun Adventures To Go On in Seagrove Beach This Summer

Are you planning to visit Seagrove Beach soon or you’re already here? We’ve got a complete list of fun adventures you must go on in Seagrove Beach this summer!

Charter a Boat

A beach vacation doesn’t seem complete without a trip out on a boat! There are numerous charter companies in and around Seagrove Beach ready to fulfill all your boating needs, whether you want to go on a fishing expedition, sailing, or just have a relaxing day out on the water!

Take a Bike Ride

Do you enjoy exploring and getting closer to nature on two wheels? Lucky for you, there are tons of bike trails for riders to enjoy around Seagrove Beach!

We recommend the nearby Timpoochee Trail, an 18-mile paved trail that traces the entire 30A so you can see everything the area has to offer!

Fun Fact

On the Timpoochee Trail, you can see one of the filming locations for the award-winning 1998 film, “The Truman Show.”

Hike One of the Many Nearby Trails

If you prefer to explore at a more leisurely pace, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Near Seagrove Beach is Grayton Beach State Park, which features various hiking trails varying in distance, difficulty, and scenery!

For experienced hikers, check out the Western Lake Trail, which will take you to one of the few coastal dune lakes in the world!

Bob Around in a Kayak

Kayaking is an excellent adventure that gets you out on the water and is also a great way to get some exercise! You can rent a kayak at nearly a dozen nearby places in Seagrove Beach, book a guided tour of the Gulf or nearby wetlands, or get a fishing charter.

Paddle All Over on a Paddleboard

If you haven’t ever done it, there’s no better place to try paddleboarding for the first time than Seagrove Beach. Rentals are easy to locate, and many will deliver the paddleboards to you at whichever 30A beach you’re on, free of charge!

If it is your first time, we recommend taking a lesson or two before going on your own to ensure you stay safe and have fun!

Find Something Unique at the Farmer’s Market

Do you love to scour local shops for unique and exciting finds? Head over to the nearby town of Seaside for their quaint farmer’s market!

The Seaside Farmer’s Market has all kinds of vendors and stalls full of food and gifts, and it even has live music to entertain shoppers.

Catch a Show at the Amphitheater

Also in the town of Seaside is the renowned Seaside Amphitheatre. This grassy venue always has something going on, whether it’s live music, movie showings, and even stage performances!

Bring a picnic and some blankets, kick back, and enjoy the show and the cool Gulf breezes of the beautiful beach town!

These are some of our favorite things to do in Seagrove Beach, but there are plenty more! If you can’t get enough of this beach destination, let us show you some of the Seagrove Beach homes for sale. We’ll help you find the perfect vacation home!

Which Seagrove Beach adventure will you go on this summer?

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