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Buying a fixer-upper? Or a move-in ready home?

Buying a fixer-upper? Or a move-in ready home?

Buying a fixer-upper? Or a move-in ready home?If you're looking to invest in a home, you may be having a tough time considering your options. Buying a move-in ready home has its benefits, but there’s also a lot to be said for fixer-uppers. If you've got the imagination and know-how, the thought of strapping on your tool belt might have you raring to go. If you’d rather not get your hands dirty and...

How to spend your day in Searcrest

How to spend your day in Seacrest

Over 5 million people visit Walton County every year. They travel here to enjoy glorious beaches, exciting outdoor activities, and a taste of the finer things in life in upscale seaside neighborhoods. Seacrest is one of those luxurious places where people love to spend time, making it a great choice when investing in a home for your family or short-term renters.  What draws thousands of people...

Rosemary Beach. More than just a pretty face.

Rosemary Beach. More than Just a Pretty Face.

Tucked away on the Northwest side of Florida's panhandle is a place that looks like it emerged out of a novel.With its pastel-colored houses and white picket fences, it's easy to see why Rosemary Beach is a desired vacation spot for many. However, this beach community didn't start out as the charming oasis that it is today. In fact, Rosemary Beach has quite a rich history. A Storied Past Rosemary Beach...

Get a loan mortgage pre-approval first. It’s the first step to living the dream.

Get a Loan Mortgage Pre-Approval First. It’s the First Step to Living the American Dream

It takes just 8 days from listing to closing a home sale in Florida, which means a buyer needs every advantage they can get. When you are considering buying a new home, getting a loan mortgage pre-approval is one of the most important things you can do.  What is loan mortgage pre-approval? A mortgage pre-approval is a document that a lender issues to confirm that you are eligible for a loan, as well...

7 Fun Adventures To Go On in Seagrove Beach This Summer

3 Beach Access Types on 30A

After purchasing your beach house within one of the incredible beach communities along 30A, you will likely want to access the greatest amenity this town as to offer, the beach. Unless you were able to purchase one of the 4,000+ Gulf Front listings on 30A, you’ll need to access the beach through a Regional Beach Access, Neighborhood Beach Access, or Bay/Lake Access. Walton County (South Walton) provides...

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