November 2022

Rosemary Beach. More than just a pretty face.

Rosemary Beach. More than Just a Pretty Face.

Tucked away on the Northwest side of Florida's panhandle is a place that looks like it emerged out of a novel.With its pastel-colored houses and white picket fences, it's easy to see why Rosemary Beach is a desired vacation spot for many. However, this beach community didn't start out as the charming oasis that it is today. In fact, Rosemary Beach has quite a rich history. A Storied Past Rosemary Beach...

Get a loan mortgage pre-approval first. It’s the first step to living the dream.

Get a Loan Mortgage Pre-Approval First. It’s the First Step to Living the American Dream

It takes just 8 days from listing to closing a home sale in Florida, which means a buyer needs every advantage they can get. When you are considering buying a new home, getting a loan mortgage pre-approval is one of the most important things you can do.  What is loan mortgage pre-approval? A mortgage pre-approval is a document that a lender issues to confirm that you are eligible for a loan, as well...

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