Fun Facts About Alys Beach You Didn’t Know About

Fun Facts About Alys Beach You Didn’t Know About

Are you looking to know more about the architectural marvel that is Alys Beach? Explore these fun facts about Alys Beach you didn’t know about to learn what makes this beachside urbanist community so unique.

The original developers purchased it on a whim.

The members of the Stephens family were frequent visitors to the 30A, and they even had a couple of cottages in Seagrove beginning in 1949. In the ’70s, when driving down the 30A, they stumbled upon an auction for a 158-acre parcel of land. Recognizing the opportunity in front of them, they quickly bought up the land. However, it wasn’t until the early 2000s that the family finally started developing the Alys Beach community.

The Stephens paid $1.2 million for the entire property. Comparatively, the cheapest available property in the whole community was an undeveloped single-home lot for $1.7 million. The family is currently in the process of finishing construction on a 13.9-million-dollar home.

The first two residents were also the architects.

Alys Beach’s constant vision is a testament to its two architects, husband and wife team Erik Vogt and Marieanne Khoury-Vogt. Living in the community allowed them to take a hands-on approach when crafting the town. As residents, they were able to tap into the needs of our village, adjusting their designs to optimize their plans.

The community offers free sustenance.

Sustainability was of the utmost importance to city planner Andrés Duany, which is why he included a few edible community plants that were and still are free for residents to take. Mojito Alley is a pedestrian path lined with lime and mint plants. You also have The Soup Garden, which contains thyme, chive, basil, and oregano plants. Daiquiri Garden has strawberries and bananas. That’s not even mentioning the four different types of blueberries along the shore of Lake Marilyn.

All homes meet fortified and sustainability standards.

Alys Beach’s homes are also built to last, as this was the first community in the world to require that every building meet the standards of Fortified® for safer living, a certification awarded by the Institute for Business and Home Safety. Built beyond code requirements, these properties were designed to withstand the trying weather of the Gulf of Mexico.

Most homes have courtyards.

Homes aren’t tucked away on vast, empty properties. Instead, they’re closely knitted together to encourage community living. To perverse privacy while promoting indoor-outdoor living, most homes at Alys Beach are centered around a courtyard. Taking its visual cues from the architecture of Bermuda, Antigua, and Guatemala, the homes separate themselves from traditional American beach houses.

After checking out these fun facts about Alys Beach you didn’t know about, you’re probably amazed by the luxurious amenities the community has to offer. If you’re looking into purchasing property here, contact 30A Local Properties to connect with brokers with ample experience in the Alys Beach, Florida, real estate market.

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