The Top Five Must-Visit Beaches Along Highway 3OA

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The Top Five Must-Visit Beaches Along Highway 3OA

In addition to unique villages and urbanist communities, the 30A is also home to world-class beaches that rival anywhere else in terms of natural beauty and visitor amenities. Check out this list of the top five must-visit beaches along highway 30A to learn about the must-see views along this stretch of the Panhandle.

Blue Mountain Beach

Blue Mountain is home to giant awe-inspiring dunes that give it the highest points in all the 30A. The views of the ocean are second to none. Just off the coast, Blue Mountain has a pair of lakes that give some areas in this little beach community 360-degree views of the water.

Dune Allen Beach

Dune Allen is one of the most secluded areas in all the 30A. The area is comprised of a smattering of new and old beach houses and is without the large communities that populate the other beaches. The quietness of the beach allows you to connect with the natural beauty of South Waldon. On the east end of Dune Allen at Gulf Place lies an area with fun shops and restaurants.

Seacrest Beach

The 18+ mile-long scenic Timpoochee Trail and trails in Deer Lake State Park at Seacrest Beach provide a quiet spot that’s enjoyed by nature lovers and romantics alike. Seacrest is another quiet beach, where the attraction doesn’t lie in the town’s shops but rather its magnificent sights.

Seagrove Beach

Seagrove is one of the oldest inhabited beach towns along the 30A, and that classic charm gives it a lot of character. You can go paddleboarding on Eastern Lake or swim in the quiet, warm blue waters of the Gulf. The historic atmosphere makes Seagrove a one-of-a-kind place along the Panhandle.

Watersound Beach

Watersound is one of the newer communities along the coast of South Waldon. Much like the rest of the new communities in the area, Watersound emphasizes luxury and high-end customer experiences. When you visit this beach, you step into a place where world-class service is prioritized to the highest level.

However, don’t think that these top five beaches must-visit beaches along highway 30A are all that South Waldon has to offer. Every beach along these 24 miles of paradise has its own unique views that make them spectacular places to live and visit. If you’re excited about viewing Watersound Beach 30A homes for sale, the experienced real estate team at 30A Local Properties is here to assist you!

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