Get Outside on 30A: 5 Ways To Run and Work Out on the 30A

Get Outside on 30A: 5 Ways To Run and Work Out on the 30A

Even when you’re on vacation, breaking a sweat with a solid workout feels good. When you’re on vacation in the 30A, you want to work out outside! Get outside with these ways to run and work out on the 30A!

Beach Access Run

Who doesn’t love a scenic beach run? If you want to keep track of your distance and time, the beach access points along the 30A are excellent markers.

Running the bike paths along beach access points gives you quick access to bathrooms, and it’s easy to track your distance. Most access points are between one and four miles apart, with many being just a little over two miles distance. Still, it varies depending on the beach.

Pro Tip: Park your car at one of the beach access parking lots and then run home to have your car near the beach for beach day activities!

Hike the State Parks

If you’re looking to go at a more leisurely pace, there are plenty of hiking trails along the 30A for you to try! The 30A is known for its pristine beaches, but there are also wildlife-filled forests amongst its many state parks to enjoy!

State parks with hiking trails near the 30A area include:

  • Henderson Beach State Park
  • Grayton Beach State Park
  • Eden Gardens State Park
  • Camp Helen State Park

Bike the Timpoochee Trail

Bikers can explore the renowned Timpoochee Trail. With over 20 miles of paved bike trails in both directions stretching from Dune Allen to Rosemary Beach, the Timpoochee Trail is one of the most gorgeous bike trails you’ll find!

Along the trail, you’ll see the 30A’s beautiful beaches and its stunning forests filled with animal life like falcons, eagles, tortoises, deer, and more! On your next 30A trip, don’t forget to bring your bike!

Exercise on the Water

Why not get some exercise in the ocean? Swimming in the Gulf of Mexico can be dangerous, so instead, stay on top of the water by taking out a kayak or paddleboard!

There are paddleboards and kayaks to rent all over 30A beaches, and they’re both fun and an excellent way to break a sweat. A little exercise while enjoying the sun and the waves—it doesn’t get any better than that!

Yoga on the Beach

One of the best yoga environments is the beach amidst the sun and the surf! There are plenty of opportunities for visitors and residents to practice yoga in 30A.

You can sign up for various classes during the season, whether you’re a seasoned expert or have never done it before!

Obviously, there are many ways to run and work out on the 30A; which will you choose? If you’re looking for Rosemary Beach, Florida real estate, consult with the people who know the area best, 30A Local Properties!

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