5 Facts About Home Inspections You Should Know

5 Facts About Home Inspections You Should Know

Home inspection is critical during the home-buying process. We’ve put together some key facts you should know about home inspections if you’re unfamiliar.

Fact #1: They’re Not Free

Although home inspections are essential for anyone buying a property, they’re not legally required. If you want your possible future home inspected, you’ll have to arrange it and foot the bill for the inspection.

The cost of a home inspection depends on the location, size, and many other factors, but they’re typically around $300. Home Advisor has an online tool that offers buyers an estimate for a home inspection, for free! Whatever the cost of the review, it’s worth the peace of mind knowing your home is in reliable condition.

Fact #2: They’re Not Interested in Paint Color

No house is perfect, no matter how much you love it. Naturally, a home inspector will find a few faults as they make their way through their checklist, which is hundreds of items long.

But they’re not there to give an opinion on the wall color or flooring options. Home inspectors are looking for adverse conditions that could result in a severe loss of value. They want to know if the home is structurally sound before you move in, not if the kitchen cabinets are updated.

Fun Fact: Home inspectors examine not just residential homes, but multifamily dwellings, condos, and even commercial buildings.

Fact #3: You Should Be There

Whether you’re buying or selling the house, it’s a good idea to be there when the inspection happens. If you’re selling and the buyer hires an inspector, you don’t have to be present, but you’ll want to be there if you hire the inspector.

The inspector will write up a detailed report, but they’ll be more thorough and easier to understand when you speak with them directly about potential problems. Also, it’s easier to ask questions in person than over the phone and when their memory is fresh from the inspection.

Fact #4: It’s Not an Appraisal

Many buyers new to the process mix up the home inspection and appraisal, but they’re very different property examinations. Lenders require appraisals for a mortgage, so the appraiser’s job is to ensure that the property isn’t overpriced.

An appraiser will consider proximity to schools and prices of recently sold properties similar to the one they’re inspecting. A home inspector is more thorough and is only concerned with the home’s structural integrity, not its price and relation to the market.

Fact #5: They Can’t See Through Walls

A home inspector will examine hundreds of things in a home, but they won’t go underneath the floorboards or in the walls. Inspectors will do their best to get a complete assessment, but they can’t see through walls.

If you’re planning on renovating the home and come across hidden problems beneath the surface, you can’t hold the inspector responsible for lacking X-ray vision. Typically, if they find possible symptoms of more significant, hidden problems, they recommend you get another inspection from a specialist.

These home inspection facts are crucial, and you should know them if you’re buying a house. If you’re interested in a new Florida vacation home, talk to us, the 30A experts, about Watersound Beach real estate, Alys Beach homes, and more!

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