Stage Your Home. Sell it Faster

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Stage your home. Sell it faster.

Get rid of clutter.

Staging your home prepares it for sale and greatly improves its appeal. Those that come to see your home can judge it easier when there are fewer distractions. Clutter can pile up quickly, and you may not even notice it’s there after a while, but an interested home buyer will.

Removing clutter may take time. Regardless, this step is vital.

A clutter-free home looks more spacious, clean, and appealing. On the flip side, clutter distracts and creates negative feelings. You can encourage positive feelings and thoughts by removing every bit of clutter you have.

Clean. Everything!

If necessary, hire a professional cleaning company to do the work. Professional cleaning companies can scrub, dust, and clean every area of a house, including hard-to-reach areas, such as light fixtures and walls.

Once you deep clean your home, try your best to keep up with cleaning tasks. You might have to spend 30 to 60 minutes doing these things daily, but this habit will keep your home cleaner. 

Remove personal items.

Depersonalizing a home is simply removing items that connect the house to you. Family photos are the perfect example. You’ll need to remove every family photo, including any fridge pictures. 

Second, remove any collections that most people wouldn’t like. You might love your collections, but they could be an eyesore to potential buyers that view your home.

Make it fresh.

A fresh house looks, feels, and smells great.

Most homeowners don’t know what their homes smell like, as you get used to your own house scent. Instead, ask your friends to tell you what they smell and if it’s good or bad.

Of course, deep cleaning a home can help with this task. These may also help: Plug-in air fresheners. Lit candles. And opening the windows.

Freshly painted walls are another way to freshen a house when selling a home. Paint makes a home look newer and gives it a fresher smell.

Give rooms a purpose. Rearrange.

Consider rearranging the furniture in each room. The goal is to create more space and make the rooms appear larger.

Additionally, people looking for a new home, experience confusion when they can’t identify a room’s purpose. For example, do you have an empty room in your house?

If so, you should fill it, but before you do so, decide on a purpose. Then, fill the room to ensure that buyers can identify the room’s purpose.

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Improve the lighting.

Many buyers look for homes with plenty of natural light. You can increase the natural light entering your home by opening your window treatments. 

You could also add some lamps or brighter light bulbs to your fixtures to add more light to dim areas. This is a great move if your home doesn’t have a lot of natural light.

Additionally, adding mirrors to your home creates a positive illusion for people who come to look at your open house or scheduled tours. Properly located mirrors add depth to your home, making it appear larger. 

Make a few small changes.

People who buy homes also look for problems, and many avoid buying homes with too many issues. In fact, most buyers order home inspections to locate the problems.

You can also get a pre-listing home inspection to find the problems before a buyer finds them. Then, you can address what needs to be corrected. Making needed repairs can improve your odds of selling your home.

Making minor changes might also help. For example, replacing an old shower curtain doesn’t cost much, yet it can completely change a bathroom’s appearance.

Look around your home soon. You may be surprised how a few small changes can greatly improve your home’s appeal. 

Improve curb appeal.

Finally, you shouldn’t ignore your home’s exterior. It’s what people see when they first view your home, affecting their perceptions.

Cleaning your yard is one way to improve curb appeal, but you can also improve it by power washing the sidewalks. Additionally, adding some fresh flowers to the porch might also help.

We wish you success!

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