The Ultimate Guide To the Best 30A Communities

The Ultimate Guide To the Best 30A Communities

Are you thinking about vacationing or purchasing a vacation home along the famous 30A coast but are unfamiliar with the area? To explore the finest towns that South Waldon has to offer, read the ultimate guide to the best 30A communities.

Alys Beach

Alys Beach is unlike any place you’ve ever seen. The entire community is easily indefinable by their stark white stucco facades. Following the vision of city architects Erik Vogt and Marieanne Khoury-Vogt, the village’s design draws inspiration from exotic places like Bermuda and Antigua, Guatemala. When you step into Alys, you are entering another world.

Alys has a variety of members-only amenities, including a luxury pool area, beach club, and wellness center. The city aims to combine ultra-luxury living with sustainability as the community is the first in the world where every home is certified by Fortified… for safer living®.

Blue Mountain

Blue Mountain gets its name for its giant dunes at the highest elevation in 30A and the blue lupine flowers that grow there. Its natural beauty is taken even further with Draper Lake and Big Red Fish Lake, which sit along the coast. Then, when you consider that the Washington State Forest is its neighbor, Blue Mountain quickly becomes one of the most naturally beautiful coasts we have.

While one of the quieter communities, Blue Mountain still has a stable of unique eateries like the Blue Mountain Creamery and Johnny McTighe’s Irish Pub.

Gulf Place

Although small, Gulf Place boasts one of the best shopping districts along the local coast. The artist colony, Artists at Gulf Place, displays the work of local artists. Or you can explore the city by joining the Wine Walk, an event held on the third Thursday of every month.

Here, locals like to start their day with coffee at Sunrise Coffee Co. Then, they finish their night watching a movie or concert under the stars at their community amphitheater.

Grayton Beach

Grayton locals have an unofficial town slogan, “Nice dogs, strange people.” This artist community nestled in the middle of the 30A is the heart and soul of South Waldon. Their downtown is an eccentric assortment of fun local restaurants and artist colonies.

Unlike many communities along the 30A, Grayton is unplanned and doesn’t have the same luxury amenities as other towns. However, they have the Grayton Beach State Park with its 2,000 acres of naturally preserved coastline; it is a beauty to behold. Combined with its welcoming community and natural beauty, Grayton is genuinely one of a kind.

Inlet Beach

This corner village is where the new school and old school of South Waldon combined to create a unique town. Full of single-family homes, Inlet Beach sits on the edge of the 30A. A short drive to Panama, Inlet is the perfect place to stay when you want to visit the entire Panhandle in one trip. Local amenities include the artificial snorkeling reef and the luxury shopping center, 30Avenue. Inlet is also home to celebrity chef Tim Creehan’s restaurant, Cuvee 30A.

Rosemary Beach

Rosemary Beach is another planned community that is styled after New Orleans’ French Quarter and the colonial architecture of the West Indies. This small town is one of the most romantic you’ll find in all the United States. With a busy city center full of shops, restaurants, and public spaces, Rosemary is one of the most popular areas along 30A.

One of its most iconic landmarks is the boutique Pearl Hotel, situated in the heart of the community. In 2015 it was named one of AAA’s Four-Diamond Hotels, only adding to the unique draw of the quaint village.

Seaside Beach

The original planned development on the 30A was Seaside Beach. If you’ve seen Jim Carrey’s The Truman Show, then you’re already familiar with the streets of this picturesque Americana town. As the most famous community in South Waldon, Seaside is sure to be packed with other awestruck tourists whenever you visit. Luckily, the city is small enough that all you’ll need to get around is a bicycle, the preferred mode of transportation for locals.

For a quick bite to eat, you can take a ride over to Airstream Row; a collection of Airstreams that have since been converted to food trucks. Or you can explore the different iconic buildings in Seaside, like its small, white Post Office, the city’s unofficial symbol.

Seagrove Beach

Some of the first cement cottages built in South Waldon were constructed in what is now Seagrove Beach. This small community sprouted up in the 1940s, post-war, when the 30A was mainly just dirt roads and wild hogs. Today, Seagrove has blossomed into a quiet, relaxing beach town.

While the area lacks a constant architectural vision like some of its neighbors, Seagrove more than makes up for it with a rich history and local tradition. Coupled with the fact that Seagrove is home to the most public beach access points in South Waldon, the town is easily one of the most welcoming communities in the 30A.

Watercolor Beach

Situated right between Seaside and Grayton, Watercolor’s location allows you to enjoy their amenities while only having to travel a short distance to see what the rest of the 30A has to offer. The town’s crown jewel is the Watercolor Inn and Resort, South Waldon’s other AAA Four-Diamond Hotel.

Whether you’re sitting by the resort pool or walking the city center, there are plenty of fun destinations in Watercolor to entertain you throughout your visit. Also, for some evening fun, check out the fine dining at the inn’s Fish Out of Water, or go to a wine tasting at the upscale Wine World.

After reading the ultimate guide to the best 30A communities, hopefully, you will see that there is a fantastic 30A beach town to match any personality. From the luxurious escapism of Alys to the artist village of Grayton, there’s a little spot of heaven for everyone along this 20-mile stretch of coastline. If you are interested in investing in Watercolor real estate or anywhere else by the beaches of South Waldon, don’t hesitate to reach to us at 30A Local Properties.

The Ultimate Guide To the Best 30A Communities

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