Things To Look for When Buying a 30A Luxury Home

Things To Look for When Buying a 30A Luxury Home

If you’re interested in getting a second home or vacation home to relax and unwind in, there’s no better place to start your search than the 30A. The 30A is a stretch of coastline in the panhandle of Florida between Destin and Panama City. When you begin your search, here are the critical things to look for when buying a 30A luxury home.

The Community Atmosphere

The great thing about the 30A stretch of coastline is all the different communities to choose from, each boasting distinct flavors and patterns. When you’re buying a new 30A home, you want to research and look at all these communities to find one that best fits your style.

Consider what type of community you want your luxury home to be in before choosing a 30A neighborhood. Some towns with 30A homes for sale have a more historical and traditional architectural style, such as Grayton Beach and Seagrove Beach, while others have a more modern feel, like Alys Beach and Rosemary Beach. You’ll also find that some communities are livelier than others or attract more tourists.

The Neighborhood Location

After you’ve chosen a 30A neighborhood, now you need to decide where in the community you want your luxury home to be. Is your new luxury home right on the beach or closer to the downtown area and the local restaurants and shops? Are there neighbors nearby, or are you on your own? It’s a tired old saying, but it’s still true: location, location, location!

The Required Maintenance

Whether you’ll be living in your new 30A luxury home full-time or only vacationing there, you want to look at the maintenance the home will require. Obviously, the larger the property, the more care it’ll need. Consider the property’s proximity to the gulf and its susceptibility to saltwater corrosion or how much it will cost to upkeep the landscaping.

The Potential Rental Income

If you’re purchasing a 30A luxury home as a second or vacation home, you should consider the potential rental income of a property. Research the neighborhood and see how many others rent out their home and the price rates they charge. If the potential rental income is strong enough, your new luxury home could pay for itself in a few years!

There are a few key things to look for when buying a 30A luxury home, but most important is to find a home that fits your wants and needs. With so many 30A communities to choose from, it shouldn’t be hard to find a home that’s a perfect match!

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