Annual Monarch Migration

Beyond the Beach: Explore More in South Walton

Every fall, 30-A welcomes the return of the beautiful migrating Monarch butterflies. Revered by many as the royalty of all butterflies, this is how they got their name “monarch.”

In late September, start to look for them around town. Here to feed and rest before continuing their journey, these butterflies’ migration actually spans at least four generations during their 3000 mile round-trip. Vast numbers of the species pass through the Florida panhandle before ending up in the mountain terrain and forests of central Mexico for the wintertime.

While Monarchs seem as though they fly over the Gulf itself, they are also seen clinging to the decks and platforms of seacraft many miles from shore. Entomologists are still learning how the monarchs successfully cross such a large distance as the Gulf of Mexico.

The 30-A community celebrates the return of our annual visitors. The Cultural Arts Alliance of Walton County even holds a festival to honor them back. This year the Flutterby Festival will be held in Watersound on Sunday November 14th. Open to the public, this event is family-friendly and your whole crew will enjoy learning more about the amazing monarchs who “vacation” along 30-A. Over the next month, keep an eye out so you can appreciate and greet our amazing annual visitors!

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